Moderation & iOS13

Moderation is now fully compatible with iOS 13!

Today, Apple has released the latest version of their mobile operating system: iOS 13. The update brings many new exciting features, such as a system wide Dark Mode, a completely redesigned Photos app, a new Reminders app and improved performance across the system.

We’re excited to announce that Moderation has been updated to support this latest release!

Dark Mode

We’ve updated the design of the entire app to support Dark Mode, and I’m sure you’ll agree, it looks beautiful! 😍

Dark Mode for Moderation


We’ve made several tweaks to how achievements are suggested, and we’ve also added a new ’Start a streak’ achievement which will apply anytime you are close to starting a new streak!

Start a streak achievement


If you were one of the first users of Moderation then you will be coming up to a year of using the App. If you have logged 3 meals every day then you would have logged 1,095 meals come our 1 year anniversary! 🥳

However, it’s not all good news. We noticed that having a large database of logged meals was starting to introduce some small performance lag. One of our main goals with Moderation is to make it as quick as possible to log what you eat, so we’ve been hard at work at improving the performance, so you can continue to log thousands of meals into the future, and still at a blazing fast speed! 🔥

With that in mind, we’ve completely redesigned the backend of the App. We’ve tested performance with thousands and thousands of meals, and there is no impact on the usability of the App!

What’s coming next?

We’re working hard to continue to improve the App, and we’re hoping to release the following features before the end of the year:

Thanks to everyone who has installed and tried Moderation. You can download the latest version from the App Store.