Common Questions

Why should I use Moderation instead of the other Apps that are available?

Moderation tries to be different in several ways:

  • 🙌 Simplicity - We don't require you to create an account. We don't require you to scan barcodes, search through long lists of food databases or worry about every micro and macro nutrient that are on food labels. We just want to make it easy to track what you eat.
  • 🔑 Privacy - We don't show ads and we have no interest in trying to collect or harvest any of your personal data. We ensure Moderation has enough functionality for most people to use for free, and if you want more powerful features we are planning on releasing those through an in-app purchase in the future. It also means we can't get hacked and have all your personal information stolen, as we don't collect it in the first place.
  • 🚀 Insights - Most of the other calorie counting or food diary apps that we have looked at do a really bad job of helping you understand your data. They are happy enough to collect your data for their benefit, but they don't give you much back in return. We use data to boost your chances of reaching your goal.

How do I log meals using Moderation?

Select the meal you want to log (for example Breakfast or Lunch). When a meal is selected the 🤞 (fingers crossed) emoji shows. Then select if the meal you ate was Healthy or Unhealthy. It's really that simple!

What does 'Healthy' and 'Unhealthy' mean?

Moderation doesn't try to prescribe what meals are Healthy or Unhealthy, instead we leave it for you to decide what they mean in the context of your goals. Healthy is going to mean different things to different people. Most people would agree that burger and fries or some form of takeaway is unhealthy, but what is healthy can be more personal.

For example, if you are trying to eat low carbs then a sandwich might be considered unhealthy because of the bread, but if you are trying to avoid eating chocolate then you may consider a sandwich healthy.

The key to getting the most value out of Moderation is being consistent in what you consider healthy and unhealthy. You should think about any foods or meals that may be in the grey area, and decide up front how you will treat them.

What's important is being consistent in how you log your meals, as this helps give you self awareness of how healthy or unhealthy you actually are eating, which is often different to your perception. Armed with this information you can start to make better choices 👍.

Is this better than Calorie Counting?

Calorie counting usually involves much more effort. Reading labels, scanning barcodes, searching long lists of foods in a database. This is why a lot of people end up quitting after a week or two.

For some people calorie counting or tracking your macro and micro nutrients can be critical. For example, if you are a professional body builder then Moderation may not be the App for you as you will need to know exactly how many grams of protein you are consuming.

However, if you are trying to understand your eating habits and want something that is simple and effortless to give you the best chance of forming a habit, then Moderation is the App for you!

The simple act of recording what you eat can help increase self-awareness, which may lead you to make healthier choices, explains Amy Gorin, M.S., R.D., owner of Amy Gorin Nutrition.

At Moderation we believe heavily that just by raising awareness of your healthy and unhealthy eating choices, it will empower you to make better decisions in the future, and allow you to track your progress as you improve.

What do the different red and green colours mean?

The colour represents the healthy percentage of meals logged for that day. The following chart shows how the colour changes depending on how many healthy meals you have eaten that day:

Color Healthy % (of meals logged) Description
100% Healthy
51% < 99% Mostly Healthy
50% Half and Half
25% < 49% Mostly Unhealthy
0% < 25% Unhealthy

Can I add multiple snacks?

We are working on adding the ability to log more than one snack, as we know people may have a mixture of healthy and unhealthy snacks throughout the day. This will be available in a future release.

I logged a meal incorrectly - can I delete it?

Yes! You can delete a meal by swiping it from right to left. You should feel a vibration to confirm its deletion.

Siri isn't working for me

In order to enable Siri, Apple requires you first to set up 'Siri Shortcuts'. You can do this from within the App by going to Settings --> Siri Shortcuts. Tap which shortcuts you would like to create, and you will be able to assign a voice phrase which will trigger the shortcut.

More information about Siri Shortcuts can be found on the Apple Website.

Can I export my data from Moderation?

We are working on adding the ability to export your data, and it will be available in a future version.

Can I create my own meals?

We are working on adding the ability to create your own custom meals, so you can have more (or less!) than just Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner & Snacks.

Can I log a meal that is inbetween Healthy and Unhealthy?

We are working on adding the ability to log meals of varying healthiness. This will be available in a future release.

Can I log my weight or compare my weight to my healthiness?

We are working on adding the ability to log and track you weight, and compare it with your healthiness in a future release.

Can I join your beta testing program to help suggest and test new features?

Send an email to and we may invite you to join our beta testing group.